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New Product Released - 1991 Kawasaki KX125 OEM Replica Shrouds


1991 Kawasaki KX125 OEM Replica Shrouds

Photo Credit: Tony Blazier -

1990 was a big year for the Kawasaki brand! Leaving behind the old-school G model, the KX125-H & KX250-H were a new generation of motocross bike. Setting the standard for the future. It was the most dramatic year-on-year update the range has seen to date.

The biggest change was ditching the backbone frame for a radical twin spar perimeter frame. The main frame remained to be made out of chromoly steel with fears that an aluminium frame was crack under the repetitive hits and harsh landings. The new frame was creatively constructed out of a mix of round and box section tubes with inspiration taken from their road lineup, the bikes received a lot of benefits with the new layout from heavily reduced torsional flex to easy maintenance with no backbone to work around, it quickly became a racers dream. Even though the Kawasaki engineers used an aluminium sub frame and shock tower, it wasn't the lightest or slimmest bike on the market at the time.

To accompany the new perimeter frame, Kawasaki didn't hold back with the suspension. Even though many riders feared that unbolting the 89' 46mm conventional forks would leave the 90' model at a disadvantage, the Kawasaki engineers went ahead and installed the 41mm inverted KYB forks upfront and revised the Uni-Trak system on the rear. Combined with a steeper head angled reduced overall wheelbase it felt radically different to the 89' model. 

Overall the engine remained similar to its predecessor with small refinements. K.I.P.S. and the Keihin carburettor were updated. The intake manifold and airbox were enlarged and included closable shutters. The biggest change inside the 124cc cases was the update of the piston, it now featured a concave crown with a single ring for reduced drag and aiming for a cleaner burn.

To wrap all the updates together they threw some crazy graphics on the side, then refined the graphics again in 1991. These are some of our favourite retro graphics, as soon we got our hands on some original KX125 shrouds we templated them straight away! The combination of bright pink with the fade to blue just pops on the Kawasaki green. We're really proud to offer these replica graphics almost identical to the original factory graphics.

Photo Credit: Tony Blazier -

Photo Credit: Tony Blazier -