2021 Yamaha TTR110 Replica OEM Shroud Graphics

By Yamaha

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OEM Replica 2021 Yamaha TTR110 Shroud Graphics. 


Contains - 3pcs

1x LH main shroud graphic, 1x RH main shroud graphic, 1x Yamaha fender graphic.


Our replica graphics are printed on the same adhesive as our motocross graphics, but we have two options for laminates. The thin laminate is comparable to the OEM graphics on most bikes, it's a bright gloss laminate that will improve the look of any bike. The other option is the premium mx style which is the same as our motocross graphics kits, an ultra high gloss finish with extended durability for regular riding. More information about our materials are available on our Production Information page.

Our OEM graphics are not stocked for immediate dispatch. Please check out the Production Times page for up to date order time estimates. 


Genuine Yamaha part numbers for reference;

B51-24244-60 [LH Shroud] 

B51-24245-60 [RH Shroud]

5XC-2153E-01 [Fender Graphic]


These graphics will also suit the following years;

2008 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2009 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2010 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2011 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2012 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2013 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2014 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2015 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2016 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2017 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2018 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2019 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2020 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2021 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2022 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E

2023 Yamaha TTR110 E / TT-R110E





*Note these are not a genuine Yamaha product. These stickers are a replica and are designed to be a replica of the original, all our replica graphics are templated and carefully designed to be close to the original product as possible. Please be aware they may be slightly different to genuine stickers. 

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