Production Information

Our motocross graphics are printed on Substance materials, the highest grade of vinyl available for the motorsport indusry. With a growing range of products there are a number of questions about which option is the best, hopefully this page can help you understand the differences and pick the best option for you. 

Ultracurve® X1 is our most popular option, this is what the majority of our graphics are printed on. It is the industry-leading print media for motorsport. Developed alongside the World’s fastest racers, Ultracurve® X1 has an ultra aggressive adhesive combined with FLO Technology (Air Release) for a trouble free installation with no bubbles.

Ultracurve® 550LSE is the industry-leading clear print media for motorsport graphics. It offers a unique balance of aggressive adhesion, excellent shrinkage resistance, and clean long-term removability from virtually any surface. This is the material used for clear swingarm and clear fork tube graphcis. 

Ultracurve® 1500 offers protection in the most demanding applications. Its unmatched gloss, clarity, conformability, and durability make it the best laminate for any motorsport graphics. 

Our exhaust graphics are printed a little different here at Elite, we use a premium pure soft-face aluminium base layer. This has extreme heat resistance properties to protect the print, it is also very easy to apply to the exhaust canister and end cap. On top of the aluminium we add the printed graphic layer then a premium laminate in ether gloss of matte finish to complete the exhaust graphics. The infographic below shows the three layers involved. 


Also note, exhaust packing makes the biggest difference to the external temperature of the exhaust, we have found in some situations where the muffler packaging has degraded, the muffler gets too hot for the graphic and can cause it to fail. Motorcycle manufacturers and aftermarket exhaust manufacturers recommend to re-pack the muffler every 10-15 hours, please ensure this has been done before fitting our graphics to ensure you don’t loose any performance from the bike and the exhaust graphics last!